• Lab Services & Anatomic Pathology​

  • TCPC Billing​

  • Gastroenterology​

  • Cardiology​

  • Anesthesiology​

  • Orthopedic​​

  • Other Surgical Services​​

  • Pediatric Medicine​

  • Internal Medicine​

  • Pulmonary & Infectious Disease​

  • OB/GYN Medicine​

  • Radiology

  • ENT

  • Pain Management

  • RNFA

Out-of-Network Billing

  • Metropolitan has extensive experience in OON billing​

  • Monitors reimbursement and compares with FAIR Health rates​

  • Tailored 1st Level, 2nd Level, and peer-to-peer appeals are sent to ensure UCR

  • Comprehensive experience in negotiating out of network claims with third party pricing companies​

  • Filing claims to regulatory department of insurance and financial services

Add-On Services

  • Contract Negotiation
    Are you getting paid what you deserve? Let Metro help with making sure your practice receives maximum reimbursement for all your hard work.

  • Meaningful Use
    Our team is well versed in multiple EHR systems and can easily adapt to what your practice is currently utilizing.

  • Pathology Billing (Including TCPC)
    Metro has extensive experience in all global and TCPC billing. TCPC billing adds easy revenue to your existing practice or laboratory.

  • Credentialing
    Save time and get paid faster with our credentialing team! Missing even just one step during enrollment can delay payment. We work hard to ensure the process is completed quickly and efficiently.